MANNI GROUP offers products, solutions and skills for the world of dry construction, promoting new scenarios to overcome energy waste and pollutant emissions in the existing building stock, through new buildings or retrofit interventions, helping Real Estate and Design Studios to achieve a higher value of the projects thanks to the environmental ethical principles and building know-how. 


MANNI SIPRE provides the most advanced technologies available at its service centres to support the customer in every area of steel construction, through fully integrated processes. Our mission is to highlight the potential benefits of the use of steel in the development of all projects, with a view to environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Manni Sipre is a landmark in the Italian market, as well as a main player in important contracts worldwide, of pre-processed steel elements. It has been offering the most advanced solutions and technologies of its Service Centres for over 50 years, significantly increasing the competitiveness of steel solutions. Thanks to a wide range of top quality products and services, it is able to meet the needs of companies operating in the sector of mechanical engineering, heavy-duty structural work, earth-moving equipment, oil & gas systems, shelving and automatic warehouses, offshore, light and heavy plant engineering. In the building sector, Manni Sipre supports companies involved in the construction of works with a metal structure, in new or emerging sectors.


A range of solutions ready to meet any need.

Finished and ready for use structural steel elements as well as a range of pre-processed solutions. The range of products and processing to specifications offered by Manni Sipre covers all the needs and requirements of our customers, such as cutting to size, drilling, marking, robot flame cutting, robot plate welding, sandblasting and base painting, priming and hot dip galvanising. Furthermore, the new technologies to produce these materials allow us to process steel providing excellent products and an extremely high level of service.


Reusing raw materials in order to be sustainable.

Circular economy refers to a system where discarded materials are reused, recovered or recycled, thereby reducing the use of raw materials and natural resources. To support these principles, we develop projects capable of combining innovation, economic value and protection of the environmental and social context in which we operate

The direct collaborations with our suppliers ensure the highest environmental standards currently attainable and allow steel processing along the entire supply chain with a high rate of circularity and low carbon content.


The guarantee of a certified product.

Environmental, workers’ health and safety and prevention policies as well as production control certificates. Manni Sipre has implemented and maintains in place an effective production process adhering to the main industry certifications. An Environmental Management System according to standard UNI EN ISO 14001, an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to standard UNI ISO 45001:2018. Furthermore, by obtaining the Factory Production Control Certificate, it is able to guarantee that the finished structural steel components from cutting, drilling, production facilities of Mozzecane (Verona), Crema (Cremona), Campoformido (Udine) and Monteprandone (Ascoli Piceno) comply with the requirements of standard UNI EN 1090-1 : 2012 CLASS EXC 2-3-4. Thanks to these certifications, Manni Sipre CE marked products can circulate freely throughout Europe.