Manni Sipre was the European forerunner in pre-fabricated beams, steel sheets, tubes and section bars, and today it has become the absolute market leader.

Extensive costs studies carried out at steel manufacturers have shown that the cost of the pre-fabricated products at the Manni Sipre Service Centres are inexpensive compared to those created with procedures that are normally adopted in workshops. Over the years the continuous investments in human resources and technologies have made it possible to implement the industrialisation of an activity traditionally found in strongly artisan contexts.

Buying pre-fabricated Manni Sipre products means guaranteeing not just a very wide selection of structural steel elements in all ranges and sizes for your company, but also a reduction in supply times and costs, bringing to an end works with low production rates, and facilitating instead the management of orders.

The Manni Sipre processes allow for absolute precision in the pairing of products, a guarantee of corrosion protection, absence of waste, reduction of handling costs and ease of installation.

Added value comes from manufacturing and services such as technical assistance, cutting to measure, marking, drilling and other work.

Surface protection is a key aspect of any metallic structure, which is why treatments such as sandblasting, varnishing and galvanizing are carried out.

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