Beams Service Centres

Beams Service Centres
Beams Service Centres

Manni Sipre has been a ground-breaker in Europe in the pre-fabrication of beams, section bars and long products and today is an absolute market leader.

Manni Sipre Beam Service Centres offer a wide range of processes on beams, angle and section bars such as:

  • Cutting, drilling and bevelling using CNC equipment.
  • Sandblasting, painting and galvanising.
  • Oxyfuel/plasma machining by robotic device.
  • Fabrication of complements: base plates, joint ribs and gusset plates.
  • Advanced laser machining on beams, angle and section bars, long products.
  • Calendering of beams and section bars
  • Shear stud application;


The following customer support services are also available:

  • Technical feasibility and engineering analysis during product development.
  • Economic assessment of production.
  • Specific proposals thanks to the wide range of available products.
  • Logistics and production integration with the customer’s organisation.
  • Packaging and material traceability.
  • Up-to-date certificates and tests.
  • Automated warehouse and document management.

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