Lightweight beams
Lightweight beams

Manni Sipre offers:

  • lightweight beams in HEAA steel from 120 to 1,000 mm
  • lightweight beams in IPEAA steel from 120 to 1,000 mm

These rolled beams differ from the standard ones in to two fundamental aspects:

  • compared to the HEA and the IPE of the same nominal designation, the HEAA and IPEAA lightened beams are thinner
  • the Wx / Weight ratio is better than with standard beams

The combination of these two aspects generates the following advantages:

  • Cost savings: although the cost in euro/ton is greater, very often the total outlay is lower by virtue of the value of the weight saved
  • Speed of transport
  • Greater savings in transport costs
  • Lower cost of hot galvanizing
  • Higher quality of product (lightened beams are produced only from first-class steelworks)

The HEAA and IPEAA lightened beams are available off-the-shelf in the following lengths:

  • standard commercial
  • tailored according to customer specifications

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