Engineering and construction services
Engineering and construction services

Economy, quality and timings can only be respected through a global vision of the problems and an appropriate “Project & Construction Management” that integrates the engineering process with the production one, allowing for the most appropriate and coherent choices, and combining quality and economy while respecting the contractual commitments undertaken.

This is why Manni Sipre offers its clients the engineering services of Manni Green Tech, to guide them through their options in order to manage the metal construction integrated process in the best way possible.

The services can thus be summarised as follows:

  • Analysis of the project: a joint review with the customer to technically and economically satisfy the contractual obligations
  • Identification of optimal solutions: the planning solutions must take into account the various aspects such as quality, economy, timing and budget goals
  • Project engineering and static calculations: the project is clearly defined by using the most advanced calculation and automatic design software and in compliance with the regulations in force at the time and enshrined in the contract.
  • Construction engineering and design: in tune with the needs of the customer’s or Manni Sipre’s production facilities, engineering drawings and working documents of the whole construction cycle are developed
  • Assembly engineering: where required, special assembly solutions can be studied and optimized in accordance with safety and functionality
  • Project & Construction Management: this service provides the customer with the possibility of having Manni Sipre and Icom Engineering as partners that, in each case, guide them at the different engineering, productive, management and corporate (A.T.I. – the association of short-term business partnerships) levels, fielding together the resources with defined times and costs for the specific project.

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